Put simply, HOPE Initiative is executing a two-phase strategy:

(1) 5R Circle Process Coaching & Workshops.

(2) Salt & Light Conferences.


Our vision is to accomplish the following: (1) Provide Transitional  and Crisis Coaching to individuals. (2) Assist in developing Transformational Leaders.

Unique Value

Our efforts center around:

Developing and maintaining meaningful partnerships with Kingdom Minded Organizations.

What are we going to do for people who will never come to church?- John C. Maxwell

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In 1996 John Maxwell and his brother Larry, along with several Christian friends, launched EQUIP with a God-given vision to see effective leaders fulfilling the Great Commission in every nation.  As a result, in less than 20 years over six million leaders were trained in every nation.

 Having laid a foundation of Biblical servant leadership worldwide, EQUIP is now focused on the Salt & Light Global Initiative, a strategy to equip and mobilize believers to reach unchurched people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


 EQUIP provides materials that cast vision and challenge believers through Jesus’ teaching about Salt & Light and lays out a plan to mobilize them into action. The Salt & Light strategy encourages believers to meet non-believing peers where they are and add value to their lives around a topic relevant to everyone – success.

EQUIP provides training materials that churches can use to prepare lay leaders to host and lead roundtables among their peers. When facilitated properly, roundtables are excellent environments for building relationships and learning. Facilitators are equipped to lead with transparency and promote discussion


EQUIP provides video and print resources to engage individuals in roundtable discussions called “Beyond Success.”  Each week’s session includes discussion questions, self-evaluation and goal sharing. 


EQUIP provides a final, bonus video in which John C. Maxwell shares his faith, describing four pictures of God – three that are misconceptions and one that is true to who God is. He conclude with a model prayer of salvation. Participants who come to faith can be invited to church by their facilitator; others might begin faith conversations. Through this, we pray that discipleship begins and transformation takes root.
Jonathan & Shena organize Salt and Light Workshops throughout the English speaking Caribbean for EQUIP.